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Custom Course #8 - Coalition Building in the U.S. Government

Policymaking in the United States government is conducted through an ongoing series of interactions comprised of experts in each issue area the Federal government deals with (agriculture policy, defense policy, environmental policy, etc.). This course will give participants the tools necessary to identify relevant coalition stakeholders to make effective policy decisions. This course will discuss the procedural steps involved in coalition building. This course will include exercises to ensure that participants understand the importance of coalition building and how they are built within an agency and with outside stakeholders involved in federal policymaking.

Course Objectives

In the federal government, coalition building is fundamental to effective policymaking. Bringing experts from differing viewpoints into the policymaking equation is the ideal way to develop policies that optimize benefit. The conglomerate of experts from different political perspectives is commonly referred to as forming “power clusters.” These power clusters are the stakeholders for each policy issue area that develop and implement federal policy in America. This course will provide Federal managers with the necessary tools to build and operate successful coalitions.

After successful completion of this course, participants will:

  • Understand and be able to identify the stakeholders that make up power clusters and be able to describe their

    role in building policy coalitions, thus leading to better policymaking and more effective governance.

  • Be able to identify each key stakeholder involved in policy-making power cluster in several of the issue areas

    class members are involved with (environmental policy, regulatory policy, budget policy, etc.).

  • Understand the politics of coalition building and why political sensitivities are important when interacting with a

    particular coalition. Class members will be able to identify and employ these political sensitivities when

    conducting policymaking.

  • Have interactive coalition building exercises in class that will include role playing designed to facilitate

    understanding of the coalition building process and the politics involved in the negotiations and the influencing

    of these coalitions.