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Custom Course # 7 - Integrating Global Climate Change Policy in Federal Programs

Although there are differing views on the subject of Global Climate Change, there are foundational principles that govern policy making in this arena. This course will focus on assisting managers, executives, and other Federal employees in understanding the context in which global climate change policies are decided and implemented, as well as the international dimensions of such policies.

The course will begin by educating participants on the background, rhetoric, and modern issues, associated with Global Climate Change policy. The course will give participants a sufficient understanding of the science behind global climate change before exploring contemporary issues from the different relevant perspectives – i.e. Federal government, foreign superpowers, developing nations, private sector companies, interest groups, public perception, etc. The course will then focus on contemporary issues paramount to the Global Climate Change discussion, including Copenhagen and Mexico City Climate Change conferences, and Cap-and-Trade legislation. Finally, the course will incorporate previous modules to impart a number of management related techniques focused on increasing the participant’s leadership and financial management aptitude in relation to Global Climate Issues.

Course Objectives

Class participants will have instruction which is associated with:

  • Gaining a better understanding of global climate policy issues;

  • Improved analytical and research tactics;

  • Improved understanding of Global Climate Change related rhetoric;

  • Presentation instruments: testimony; Q&As; advocacy documents; correspondence; speeches;

  • Development of management and leadership skills; and

  • Understanding of the human dynamics behind coalition building.