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Custom Course #21- Speechwriting for Government Executives

Every day someone invents a tool to communicate faster, this course will teach participants to communicate better. The focus is on applied writing so that Federal employees can communicate better to those outside their agencies. Nothing rivals the power of a speech: to transform an idea into action. Chart a new and clear course. Energize employees. Excite stakeholders. Contain a crisis. Define a debate. Several techniques and strategies for effective speechwriting will be taught, with an emphasis on using the tools of rhetoric, argument. Every successful leader has a unique and interesting story to tell: a story that can move, persuade, and inspire. The most compelling speeches are powerful arguments for action. Seminar instructors include comprehensive guidance in using speechwriting to enhance government agencies' mission, responsibilities of government executives in leadership roles. Additionally, throughout the course, participants take part in live exercises to develop their leadership communication skills. Executive Branch Speechwriting will incorporate areas of focus that will include:

  • Creating arguments for action;

  • Finding the story in the policy;

  • Defining and developing message;

  • Audience targeting;

  • Expressing vision; and

  • Defining goals.

Argument for Action: The course teaches that a speech should do more than describe a Government policy or action, it should help others understand why it exists and motivate them to follow it and build upon it.

Stories in Policy: The course teaches that rather than merely communicating Government policy, effective and efficient governance involves making policies 'real' for others and that involves taking them down to a human level.

Message Development: The course will focus on effective and efficient message development for different objectives. Executives are trained to tailor their message to different formats including print, online, radio and television.

Audience Targeting: The course will focus on training executives to recognize who the real audience is for a given message. Adopting a client-service model of fact based presentation to determine areas of focus for speeches.

Expressing vision: Our participants will learn how to develop their own voice, expressing their own vision, while advancing their professional goals.

Defining Goals: The class will focus on developing executive ability to use speeches to develop Government goals and build goal-oriented coalitions.

Course Objectives

Participants learn techniques and improve their ability to prepare speeches for use in agency, interagency, Congressional and public forums. After successfully completing the course, participants will be able to draft speeches expressing Government vision while advancing goals and articulating concepts in different forms such as:

  • Commencement Addresses;

  • Issue Papers;

  • Keynote Addresses;

  • Stump Speeches;

  • Op-Eds;

  • Congressional Testimony; and

  • Government Positioning Speeches.

Keynote & Commencement Addresses: Executives will learn to use major opportunities such as these to reinforce policies and mark new initiatives.

Issue Papers: Participants will learn and practice preparing advocacy documents in different formats including Agency testimony, correspondence, speeches, and press releases.

Op-Eds: Participants will learn and practice making written arguments in 600 to 800 words that are targeted to expand and advance Government policy.

Congressional Testimony: Participants will learn and practice the unique skill of prepared Congressional testimony and how to sustain the narrative and story through it.