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Custom Course #2 - Budget Performance Integration

This seminar will show how the linking of performance measures with budget information can lead to improved organizational performance. Participants will define their respective organization’s path to alignment while examining other agencies’ current successes and lessons learned. The course also teaches the requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and OMB-sanctioned assessment tools. The curriculum will show that as performance measurements and budget issues become even more tightly linked in years to come, organizational performance and the Federal Budget will serve as a critical planning resource. The course will include class exercises and case studies to develop and evaluate performance measures.

The curriculum is taught by ex and current-government executives with an extensive knowledge of the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch processes and procedures required to enact the Federal Budget as a whole. Their insight will provide an unbiased comprehensive explanation of the facts pertaining to the Federal Budget without making judgments on the political issues. With this information, the participant will have a better foundation of knowledge to make judgments on current issues and policies.

The course will be conducted in a semi-formal classroom environment with all participants encouraged to ask questions at any time. Further, all instructors and EOP Foundation personnel will be on hand throughout the duration of the course to respond to any questions that may arise. All staff members can be approached at any time during the course and will also be available before and after the daily class schedule.

Course Objectives

The course will cover in detail the various processes involved during the formulation and implementation of the budget. Upon completion of the course, participants will have a clear knowledge of the following:

  • Understanding how performance measures can be developed to focus workforce efforts and improve the organization;

  • Understanding of how to develop and present performance information to improve prospects of gaining full

    financial support for departmental programs;

  • Knowledge of the Government Performance and Results Act and its relevance to each Department and Agency

    within the Government;

  • Knowledge of the Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) and how it is used to evaluate a program’s purpose,

    design, planning, management, results, and accountability to determine its overall effectiveness;

  • Understanding the difference between Presidential and Congressional priorities and the conflicts that must be

    resolved; and

  • Learning how performance measures can be developed to focus employee efforts and improve the organization.