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Custom Course #18 - Understanding Challenges Associated with Nuclear Policy for the U.S. Government

The approach of this course is to provide a brief historical context as a precursor to engaging contemporary nuclear policy issues.

A few major themes emerge from the coverage in each module: the broad areas of nuclear security, energy, research, and political concerns; domestic leadership; public and private cooperation, marketplace competition; international cooperation and competition; environmental considerations; safety considerations; and fiscal considerations.

Experts with experience in both the public and private sectors will present lectures on an issue-by-issue basis while seeking to maximize participants' engagement through a question-and- answer dialectic. Participants will be encouraged to engage in nuclear policy issues, which have received heightened attention based on their importance to national security, the environment, jobs, and domestic infrastructure.

The final portion of the seminar will include a review of the materials covered and participant survey.

Course Objectives

Government officials will have a working knowledge of a broader range of nuclear policy issues. Course participants are expected to conclude the course with an improved and broadened understanding of nuclear policy. Many participants may join the class with a working understanding of subject matter within one of the modules. If so, they will be called upon to make contributions based on this within the class setting. However, efficient and effective execution of nuclear policy, inclusive of domestic and international collaboration, is improved when officials have an appreciation of the diversity of challenges as presented via each module.

Thus, the primary objective is to introduce each participant to a more diverse set of challenges than they have previously been exposed to. Secondarily, based on the expertise of our presenters and class discussion, participants are expected to reach a more comprehensive understanding of each topic.

Government officials will gain practical experience handling nuclear policy issues. Course participants will be called on to integrate their understanding of all areas of nuclear policy in a collaborative setting. Groups will be tasked with formulating solutions to hypothetical scenarios that require consideration of all modules. The primary objective of this exercise is to translate participants' improved understanding of nuclear policy into team problem-solving. Additionally, these exercises will serve as a review of material presented over the duration of the course.