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Custom Course #17 - Interface between Career and Political Executives

This course will focus on the unique, experience-based knowledge of the module instructors to enhance the relationship and interface amongst career and political executives. The course will discuss techniques that participants can use to meet their organizational performance criteria, thus attaining their program objectives. Further, the course will provide instruction associated with how career and political executives should conduct their business both internally and externally, who the key participants in agency and departmental interactions are, as well as the skills for interfacing with private sector stakeholders. In addition, curriculum will focus on the institutional memory of career executives and what role that plays, career and political executives role in the budget process, the regulatory process, and program guidance, and how effective communication between career and political executives is attained.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to give Federal managers the tools necessary to conduct efficient and effective governance by improving career and political executive's ability to interface with one another. After successful completion of this course, participants will:

  • Be able to integrate the politics of writing and neutral competence.

  • Understand how the career executive's institutional memory affects their relationship with the political executive.

  • Be able to coordinate decision-making between career and political executives.

  • Understand what happens to government during a Presidential transition.

  • Have improved their negotiating and analytical skills.

  • Have improved their leadership skills through translating the impact associated with maintaining the appropriate skill mix to preserve credibility in the process.