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Custom Course #15 - Understanding the Ethics Policy of the U.S. Government

This course provides context for the themes covered and uses lessons learned to address current issues, rules, and requirements.

The curriculum conveys current Government policies inclusive of the legal perspective, history, legislation, and agency rules and regulations. The curriculum is also designed to provide the appropriate approaches for participants to utilize knowledge obtained from the private sector. Federal employees learn how to implement the Obama Administration’s renewed focus on transparency, participation, and collaboration.

Course Objectives

Course participants are expected to conclude the course with improved understanding and ability in three areas:

  • The conceptual context of ethics policy—the first module provides the framework for understanding ethics in the government. Understanding the basis of ethics policy and how it is formulated provides participants the context to understand why they are working to address ethical requirements. This understanding improves compliance and the quality of ethics-related reports.

  • The substantive knowledge of ethics policy—modules two and three focus on the rules, regulations, and reporting associated with ethics policies of the Federal government. This is the typical area of focus for most programs and answers what, where, and when ethics policies must be addressed.

  • The practical tools of ethics policy—modules four and five transition participants from understanding substantive ethical requirements to how to apply that knowledge. Participants will conclude the program having actively engaged ethical scenarios and drafted documents required of their positions. These modules answer how ethics policies are to be addressed.