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Custom Course #14 - Environmental Policy of the U. S. Government

This seminar will provide Federal employees with an opportunity to build an understanding of complex policy issues and how to resolve them without harm to the environment. It offers insight into the fields of law, the social sciences, ecology, management and economics, environmental policies, and politics. Participants will enhance their critical thinking and decision-making skills as they examine environmental policy and participate in a number of hands-on learning experience modules in which they can apply their knowledge to real-world problems.

Course Objectives

During this ethics course, participants will:

  • Learn how to identify and integrate effective management of environmental issues within the Federal, state and local governments, and communities.

  • Learn to develop policies that make environmental concerns an integral part of the planning and decision making process and commit sufficient resources to implement effective environmental programs.

  • Learn to incorporate accountability as a basis for environmental stewardship and encourage cost effective and innovative ways to improve upon environmental policy.