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Custom Course # 12 - Managing a Diverse Federal Workforce

This course focuses on diversity and its importance within the Federal government. The modules emphasize participation and interpersonal communication, and participants are encouraged to share relevant, real-life work experiences and reflect on the impact of diversity within their respective agencies. The course employs a variety of methodologies, including lecture, discussion, case study, practical and experiential exercises, and role play simulation. Course instructors are leaders in their fields who have experience in academia and/or the Federal service.

Course Objectives

Today’s workforce has rapidly changing demographics. Increasingly, new entrants into the Federal workforce are minorities from varying backgrounds. In order to achieve its vision and mission, it is imperative that an agency’s employees understand, respect, and value individual differences. Moreover, an agency must develop and use measures and rewards to hold its employees accountable for achieving results that embody the principles of diversity. An inclusive workplace, whether in business or government, maximizes the talents of each individual to achieve results.

This course drives participants to learn how diversity contributes to a more efficient and effective Federal workforce. They also learn how social diversity and informational diversity have proven to contribute to higher levels of performance and success in organizations. Diversity is a social reality and, as such, it is a prerequisite to any organization’s ability to perform critical analysis, be creative, and prevent group think. After successfully completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop business plans, policies and procedures, and strategies to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse workforce.

  • Foster an inclusive culture that promotes teamwork, acceptance, and productivity.

  • Value diverse concepts and perspectives.

  • Understand the value of diversity in conducting analysis, developing solutions, and achieving organizational goals and objectives.