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Custom Course #10 - Challenges Associated with Implementing Federal Credit Programs

The U. S. Government facilitates credit through loans, loan guarantees, subsidies, and other instruments for a broad array of applications ranging from individual college loans to multibillion dollar international development projects. Even though many Federal credit programs vary significantly, they each share a comment element: they are key instruments of American domestic and international policy. Following that general theme, participants will learn about how the Government views and manages these programs and how each impacts policy.

Course Objectives

  • After successful completion of this course, participants will understand:

  • The importance of Federal credit a policy implementation tool;

  • How Federal credit impacts the Federal budget;

  • OMB’s role in approving and disapproving Federal credit programs;

  • CBO’s role in scoring Federal credit programs;

  • Macroeconomic considerations the government faces when both offering Federal credit and setting its terms;

  • International impacts of Federal credit; and

  • Federal decision factors in setting credit risk subsidy costs.