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Custom Course #1 - Integrating Alternative Energy Strategy in Federal Programs

The curriculum is based on how the existing Government policies provide incentives to the private sector to invest in and deploy alternative energy approaches, as well as directives within the Executive Branch to use commercially viable alternative energy technologies to provide for environmental improvements and facilitate energy security in the United States. Federal managers will be educated on what the alternative energy technologies are and what criteria should be applied to evaluate and implement them in government programs.

Course Objectives

  • Government’s role in incentivizing commercially viable alternative energy approaches;

  • Benefits of deploying alternative energy technologies;

  • Performance metrics, cost/benefit analyses, and preparing budget justification for new alternative energy


  • Options to incentivize alternative energy approaches;

  • The relationship between alternative energy, America’s energy security, and national security policy;

  • The politics of alternative energy approaches;

  • Alternative energy and its role in the domestic economy;

  • Skills required for managers evaluating emerging alternative energy technologies;

  • Global initiatives;

  • Electric Transportation;

  • Conservation energy;

  • Nuclear energy as a viable option; and

  • Agriculture industry contributions to alternative energy.