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Below is a partial list of principal contributors at the EOP Foundation.

Michael J. O'Bannon - Chairman, EOP Foundation

Michael O'Bannon and the EOP Foundation have contracted for the past eleven years to assist the Office of Personnel Management with providing the Federal Budget Polices and Procedures Seminar. He has also produced the Environmental Issues seminar. His background of working in the Department of the Interior, the EXIM Bank and the Office of Management and Budget provides him with a unique perspective and overview on the issues associated with Regulatory Reform. Full Resume

Shawn Delaney - Writing

Mr. Delaney joined the EOP Group in 1996 as a program analyst and is now a senior associate with the firm. His responsibilities are primarily in the areas of energy and environmental regulatory compliance with particular focuses on land use regulation and tribal relations. Prior to joining the EOP Group, Mr. Delaney was with the political department of the Democratic Leadership Council, a moderate, Washington-based think tank and with The New Democrat magazine. Mr. Delaney has also worked for Hornby Zeller Associates as an evaluator of state and federal government programs and for The Future of Europe Trust. He has also served as staff to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the British Parliament. He is a graduate of the University of the Maine School of Law and is bar certified to practice in the state of Maine. He also holds a Masters in Public Administration from American University and a B.A. in international politics from The Catholic University of America.

Ryan Martin - Program Management

Mr. Martin joined the EOP Group, an energy and environmental consulting firm, in 2006 as a program analyst and currently lobbies on behalf of various Fortune 500 companies throughout the energy, environmental, and chemical industry. Mr. Martin is also a senior member of the EOP Foundation and its Federal training branch, EOP Education, LLC. His duties at the EOP Foundation include speechwriting, development of training courses for the public and private sectors, and co-writing EOP Foundation authored studies, reports, and publications. The EOP Foundation publications are updated annually and include a series on the Federal budget process, regulations, ethics policy, diversity policy, and effective government writing.

Prior to joining the EOP Group, Mr. Martin managed a sales team at Dixie Homecrafters, a national home improvement company, in its Atlanta office. He also was a middle school teacher and basketball coach during his time in Atlanta.

Along with his duties at the EOP Group and Foundation, Mr. Martin is a managing partner of The Midland Group, Inc. which specializes in capital financing for real estate projects and startup companies.

Mr. Martin graduated from Western Michigan University with a B.A. in education and history. He has also studied Finance and Political Management at the George Washington University.

Randy Lamson - Program Management

Randy Lamson has organized highly rated programs for OPM and served as the liaison to the Program Manager at OPM on seminars since 1994. He has annually brought high level Federal Government officials as speakers to the Budget Seminar and worked closely with the Program Manager to ensure the overall quality of the program and experience for the participants. Evaluations for the 2003 Federal Budget Policies and Procedures course are attached to this proposal.

Jonathan Gledhill - Regulatory Policy

Jonathan Gledhill worked in the Office of Management and Budget, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs for 7 years. In that capacity, he was the primary reviewer of all draft regulations, legislation and policies in the areas of solid and hazardous waste, Superfund, TRI and other environmental issues. His knowledge of the regulatory process, and his specific knowledge of the Perchlorates issue make him an invaluable member of the Resource Team. He now heads the Policy Navigation Group in addition to assisting in seminar instructions.

Troy Hillier - Regulatory Policy, Writing and Ethics

Troy Hillier also worked in the Office of Management and Budget, OIRA for 7 years as the primary reviewer of all draft regulations, legislation an policies in the areas of air toxics, air permitting, hazardous and solid waste, the Department of Energy and other environmental and energy issues.

Tom Weimer - Budget, Regulatory Policy and Writing

Tom Weimer, now the Deputy Assistant Secretary - Water and Science, U.S. Department of the Interior, has worked with the Office of Personal Management as a speaker/resource person on many seminars. Tom's background includes being Chief of Staff to Secretary Manuel Lujan, Director of the Program Office at the National Academy of Engineering and the House Committee on Science.

Donald Gessaman - Budget and Writing (deceased)

Donald Gessaman was the principle author of the book "Understanding the Budget of the United States Government" and internationally known for his expertise on this topic. As a budget expert, he provided his talents as a speaker to various OPM seminars. He was formerly the Deputy Associate Director for the National Security Program and was responsible for DOD policy issues and compliance including defense, intelligence and related international activities.

Barry Anderson - Budget

Barry Anderson has served as the Deputy Director of the Congressional Budget office and is now working for the World Bank. He has spoken annually to the OPM Budget Seminar for many years and will bring the insight from the CBO and World Bank perspectives to the seminar on Regulatory Reform.