Organizational Status and Coaching Philosophy

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Illustrative Coaching and Organization Development Projects

  • Started several OPM courses including Budget, Writing, Ethics & Regulation

  • Formal mentors to SES Candidate Development Program participants

  • Facilitated senior executive and career staff mentoring using appraisal criteria

  • Conducted program and organizational realignments focused on enhancing organizational effectiveness

    and achieving optimal skill mix

  • Used academic and Government program case studies to guide organizational changes

  • Executed Congressional reorganization plans, inclusive of determination orders

Executive/Management and Other Relevant Experiences

  • Designed & Instructed OPM training courses for over 30 years

  • Served as expert witnesses in Congressional hearings

  • Participated in Executive Exchange Program (public to private sector) and SES executive assignments

    to other Executive branch agencies

  • Serve as Directors on nonprofit boards and Government advisory committees

  • Extensive experience teaching Government wide courses for OPM

Experience with Assessment Instruments and Other Relevant Techniques

  • Designed and utilized financial models, e.g., State/Federal Superfund

  • Designed and utilized electricity market models

  • Designed and utilized program performance/outcome measures for Federal programs

Education, Training, and Certifications

  • Awarded undergraduate and graduate degrees in Public Administration and Engineerings

  • Awarded OPM course certificates in executive leadership and management policy

  • Received awards from the ASPA, SEA, and the William A. Jump Foundation

  • Received Presidential Meritorious Executive Awards and annual SES bonuses while in Government service

  • Certified to receive Government executives under IPA authority

  • Certified as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization